Dangerous Foods That Aggravate Hemorrhoids and You must Avoid Them

Foods that are not good for hemorrhoids

What are the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids? Getting to know this could be your best bet for a long term cure to your hemorrhoids.

There are foods which have properties to heal up your hemorrhoids. Others are there which can actually worsen the condition of your hemorrhoids. If you are having hard time figuring the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids you are missing an important part of strategy for permanent healing.

So, what I advise you that you do some research to get a hint of. The easiest thing however is to go through this post all through the bottom. I am sure you will have a reasonably good picture of the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. Keep these foods at bay which actually adds to your misery under hemorrhoids conditions.

So, What Are The Foods that Aggravate Hemorrhoids 

1.Refined Grains- Easily Coming To Your Plate

The refined grains are deficient in fiber and certain other nutrients helpful for proper digestion and elimination. Any refined grains thus you eat can sit in the stomach or intestines for a while. As a result, they contribute to constipation and stomach pain.

This new situation can make your hemorrhoid flare-ups more painful. Refined grains thus aggravate hemorrhoids by adding to your pain and swelling at the hemorrhoid site.  So, the common sense as it has, that you cut on the refined grains. And, subsequently going on to rule out refined grains from your foods that aggravate Hemorrhoids.

Foods alone however are not sufficient, you need a complete approach in treating hemorrhoids. You got to check this remedy guide for hemorrhoids if you want to get rid of hemorrhoids forever. 

2.Processed Foods and Junk Foods- The Big Enemy

So to me, these foods are one of the biggest enemies of hemorrhoid conditions with you. Yes, for they follow you everywhere. Junks and processed foods have become so much a part of our daily intake. And seriously, you have to cut on them drastically, if you cannot give up right away.

Let me clear you why they make up the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids.   Normally, the Processed & Junk foods contain bad fats, unhygienic oils, and salts and they are very poor in necessary ingredients. Not only this, they are most adulterated today. They contain many preservatives and synthetic un-organic ingredients too bad for overall health.

Result of this all is that they cause poor digestion and leave you constipated.

Not only that, most of the pre-packaged and junk foods contain inflammation-promoting ingredients. These ingredients prompt your blood vessels swell and finally, worsen the condition.  So, on a conclusive note, they are key foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. If you really want to contain hemorrhoid flare ups, keep away from them immediately.

Only foods however, cannot offer you complete solution in treating hemorrhoids. You got to take a serious approach instead. 

3.Dairy Products – Misunderstood Many a Time

Yes, many times you may easily mistake the dairy products with the foods that help you out in hemorrhoids. The fact however is that Dairy products act some time as the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. Not getting exactly how? Me too never thought the things this way early on.

Dairy product many times  form gas inside your stomach which further leads to many forms of Intestinal Gas (Belching, Bloating, Flatulence). High fat Dairy products also give rise to Acid reflux causing heart burning. In a situation of discomfort, unwanted heat at body level that can worsen your hemorrhoid. So the Dairy products can be there among other foods that aggravate hemorrhoids.

Acid reflux along with other conditions may lead to poor digestion, stomach pain and stomach cramps and constipation too.  And constipation again defeats your efforts to fight back with hemorrhoids.

Consumption of dairy products in big quantity leave behind fatty acids in the intestines. A step ahead, the fatty acids bind to calcium deposits causing accumulation of bulk called “soaps,”. The soaps further contribute to constipation and hardened stool.

If you have ever been constipated and suffered with Acid reflux, please be cautioned. Dairy products may for you be the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids.

Treating hemorrhoids is not so difficult, provided you follow a comprehensive strategy for it. 

4.Alcohol – A Dehydrant And A Conspating Beverage

Seemingly strange but true, that end result of alcohol is dehydration. And dehydration is one of the prominent reason for  constipation.  Constipation becomes reason of putting strain on anal rectum. And hence, constipation contributes to flare-ups and aggravate your hemorrhoids.

So the Alcohol if not taken judiciously, can prove to be one of the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. If you suffering from hemorrhoids consider minimizing the consumption of alcohol and also the frequency thereof. Instead, you should consider increasing drinking of water and frequency of having the water. More hydration, means less chances of disruption of bowel movements and hence supporting in healing up.

You will want to read this health remedy guide, if you are serious about healing your hemorrhoids for the good.

5.Deep Fried- The Foods That aggravate hemorrhoids

Making of Fried foods takes full range of unhealthy ingredients such as unhealthy oils, lot of saturated fats, hydrogenated fats etc. Not only that,  the raw foods that are used in deep frying are themselves unhygienic. Why this is the case,  only because after deep frying, the customer almost cannot guess where that raw food was sourced form.

As per my normal experience, deep fried foods can cause your bowel movement restricted and causes gastrointestinal problem. You might face  belching, Bloating and flatulence all  forms of intestinal gas & Acid reflux.  The conditions well make you constipated or can cause diarrhoea. In either of the cases hemorrhoids are aggravated.

While the cholesterol related cardiac problems could be the future dangers out of these foods, among the instant effects they prove to be the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. Oils and fats used in deep fried foods are mostly  inflaming and can make hemorrhoids really painful.

Distancing from Deep Fried Foods can be one of the many required steps. But, if you want a complete relief from the ailment, go for a  blueprint to cure hemorrhoid. 

6.Spicy Foods of all kinds- They Aggravate hemorrhoids

Although I have tested the impact of spicy foods on hemorrhoids, you can take my word for granted. You could even wildly imagine how the spicy foods can flare up the hemorrhoids. Their adverse effect on hemorrhoids is an established fact.

Passing stool with excruciating burning pain in the anus must have been a truth for you at a least few times. The spicy foods contain all the inflaming ingredients and spices that make them worst foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. Pains could be unbearable if you have hemorrhoids bleeding or sore.

Intake of spicy foods makes passing of stool painful and extremely irritating. In some instances, the spicy foods may cause diarrhea also, which enrages the flare ups and pain is excruciating painful.

Taking precaution on spicy foods has great health benefit alongside calming down hemorrhoids. But you if you serious treating the ailment, read our comprehensive approach to cure hemorrhoids for the good.

7.Certain Medications- Can Aggravate Hemorrhoids

If you are already under medication for some ailment other than hemorrhoids, beware of eating them indiscriminately. If you have gone through any recent outbreak of hemorrhoids, check with your physician. Continuing with earlier medicines may enrage flare-ups of hemorrhoids.

As a matter of fact, many prescriptions have side effects of causing constipation. If you have a few in this category they can spell disaster for hemorrhoids. You might require stopping few of your medicines in consultation with your doctor.

Taking Precautions and consultations are just fine to alleviate your hemorrhoid pains. If you wanna get to know the complete strategy to cure hemorrhoids you need  a dedicated guide on curing hemorrhoid.

8.Tea, Coffee, Caffeinated Beverages, Milk etc.

Because, I have been myself a victim of chronic hemorrhoids, I have noticed effects of caffien on my hemorrhoids.

For the most part, Coffee, tea or any caffeinated beverages for that matter cause anal itching. I have seen the adverse effects in my case but if you too face such issues, beware! In my case I have noticed that on increasing my frequency for tea and coffee, the swelling too was grown apart from itching. The swelling continued growing and started protruding the anal opening. I figured them to be sort of foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. Wise thing that I did was that I started quitting, caffeinated produce right then.

If you are monitoring your hemorrhoids, you must note the effects of these caffeinated eatables. It will surprise you that caffeinated beverages and milk, chocolate, tomatoes and citrus fruits are all responsible for enraging fare ups. In fact, they all contain inflaming ingredients inside. And as you give up them itching and irritations of anus and rectum and hemorrhoid flare ups start subsiding. This was a real case observation with me and may be same turns out for you too.

Tea and coffee have basically stimulus effect on functioning of your body and mind. Cutting on them although is a must and is possible at your end, but that is not the all you need. Here is our comprehensive plan to cure hemorrhoids.

9.Excess of Salt in Foods- Foods That aggravate Hemorrhoids

As a matter of common observation, you would agree that salt has dehydrating effects. All the dehydrating eatables make stool harder to pass and the salt is no exception. Harder stool passing is nothing but constipation. And this what you would always like avoid.

Excess of salts in food slows down the digestive system, making bowel movements more painful. Just to add to your knowledge, any build-up of salt in the blood can cause bloating, which may make swollen hemorrhoids worse and more sensitive.  So the foods with high content of salt could prove to the category of foods that aggravate hemorrhoids.

Cutting on salt and preferring low salt foods though should make a habit of but to cure you hemorrhoids, you need this complete road map to cure hemorrhoids.  

10.Iron Supplements & Water containing more of Iron

You may be aware that Iron is a proven constipating element. And at all cost you don’t want constipation on top of hemorrhoid pain.  You might have also realized that easiness of passing stool does not remain the same when traveled from one place to another. This variation in easiness of passing stool persists even when you eat all the same food.

Shall you wonder if I say that the difference in passing of stool is because of different level of Iron concentrations in waters? In fact, water at some places have higher concentrations of Iron inside them as compared to other places. Water with higher concentration of Iron can flare up your hemorrhoid because of constipating properties.

So, if you are on iron supplements and have hemorrhoids also, check with Iron concentration and stop taking supplements. Additionally, treat the water to reduce iron content before consuming. The combo of Irony water and Iron supplement together can aggravate your hemorrhoids.

The precautions are just to alleviate your pains and troubles for a while. You need a proven strategy to cure your hemorrhoids.

11.Excess of Fiber- Can aggravate the problem

As a hemorrhoid sufferer, fiber should make an essential part of your food but excess can affect adversely. Excess intake of the fiber can worsen the conditions. Two prominent reasons you can figure out responsible foe adverse effects. One, extra fiber like those from raw fruit and veg rub against the swollen site of hemorrhoids harshly. And second because of their property to prompt you to defecate too frequently. In second scenario also the walls of rectum and swollen hemorrhoids face the brushing off.

Additionally, fiber is bulk-forming, which means that it creates bulk in your intestines. Contrary to the popular belief, fiber does not act like little brooms. It rather, builds larger stools, which then urges your intestines to pass the stool with extra strain on hemorrhoid site. So, in case of hemorrhoids, you do not want stool to be bulkier, which otherwise can make the problem worse. So, if not taken judiciously, the excess of fibers can prove to the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids.

You should apart from all the precautions, consider following a proven formula to cure hemorrhoids for the good.

12.Excess of Laxative- can lead worsen hemorrhoids

Laxatives are although good to smoothen your stool passing but excess of the same has an adverse effect. Loose stools often have high acid content and frequent passing of loose stools can enrage hemorrhoid flare ups.

Additionally, Laxatives are diuretic, prompting more fluids to leave your body. After a while, your body becomes dehydrated, which would lead to constipation. Hence taking laxatives for extended periods can actually harm your hemorrhoids conditions.

Having said that, you need a time tested proven formula on curing hemorrhoids, if getting rid of hemorrhoids comes tops your priorities.

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