10+ Best Donut Pillows For Hemorrhoids 2018

Donut pillows or Doughnut pillows are the ring shaped or Donut shaped pillows. You will find these pillows extremely helpful in relieving pain of hemorrhoids tailbone and many other health conditions. Donut Pillows could be a handy tool aiding to the complete cure of hemorrhoids along the way. They are not all in but for sure a part of holistic approach to cure your dreaded hemorrhoids

Why Would You Need a Donut Pillow?

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids you know just how uncomfortable sitting could be. Frequently shifting back and forth while sitting down lands you in real agony. The pain because of outbreak of haemorrhoids is unspeakable, the itching further adds the pain. Your pain can keep you from sitting. But then not sitting at all is also not a solution.

The Donut pillows are one of the most in demand pillows for their ergonomic designs. Employ the Donut pillows or Doughnut pillows to your saviour in these hard times. When you place your bum over these pillows, you get instant relief from pain. You should consider picking good quality Donut pillows because they just make that much of a difference.

How Does Donut Pillow work?

Donout pillows shift away the pressure from site of hemorrhoid to other part of body. No pressure on hemorrhoid site means less of pain there. Donut pillows meant for hemorrhoid are built like a donut. They are built up around the outside with a cutout in the centre. The empty centre is meant for hanging the affected part in air. So, the rest of your backside takes the pressure of sitting, instead of the hemorrhoid. Imparting no pressure to the site of hemorrhoid means less of pain.

Mini Guide to buy Donut Pillow for Hemorrhoids:

Comfortability: Why the hell you will spend on Donut pillows? The foremost reason you will be buying one of these hemorrhoid pillows is to make yourself comfortable. So ideally, donut Pillows for hemorrhoids should be supportive in first place. They ought to be slightly firm, but soft enough to offer you excellent comfort.

Make: The Pillow for your hemorrhoid should be of either of cushion or inflatable tubes, Shift between their make as per your need. Sometimes you’ll feel cushions help you more at other times you’ll feel using the inflatable tubes.

Durability: For the most part quality also comes with durability but not always. You would certainly like to go for one which holds its shape over time. This saves you spending again and again. Donut pillows in the normal course can be more durable. But it depends.

Supportive: Reading about this feature of pillow can help you out a lot. Some cushions are really comfortable initially but after few hours can start causing you back pain. Read their reviews and choose the most supportive ones.

Inexpensive: Of course, the cost should be a factor. You do not need spending a fortune on something you are just going sit. I am also not supportive of any product which is priced higher than it should be at. A due diligence in price comparison could be a good deal.

Donut Pillows Are Available in Cushion or Tube

You can find the donut pillows mainly in two forms. They can be either be made of Cushion or inflatable tubes.


Note: If you are seriously looking for treating your hemorrhoids, you might need a comprehensive approach to cure the problem.


Final Note on Using The Donut Pillow

However, prolonged use of donut pillows should be made under doctor’s consultation. Doctor’s may not suggest you their prolonged use because of their shapes. Their shapes are similar to that of toilet seat. If you spend much time sitting over the toilet seat, conditions can worsen  prolapse hemorrhoids could worsen.  A similar analogy you can draw in respect of donut pillows.


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