Prevention of Hemorrhoids is The Best Cure Period!

Like every other ailment, hemorrhoids too is also suggested to prevent from occurring. Needless to say, prevention is the best cure to any health problem, but who cares! Once grappled with hemorrhoids, you can only take the measures that prevent it from being aggravated. Hemorrhoid conditions are found to affect almost 70% of the people by some extent. Whereas majority of  hemorrhoid conditions are mild while small percentage are severe.

The root cause of hemorrhoids seem to be lying in difficulty of passing the stool. And, the people frequenting with constipation when do not bother about, it leads to hemorrhoids. In order to ease the passing of stool, the stool needs to be softened by making necessary dietary and lifestyle changes.

For the Persons with Recurring Constipation but No Hemorrhoids Yet

First off, constipation has to avoided at all cost. Indian Ayurveda suggests healthy persons to undergo Shankh- Prakshalana Kriya once in a while to avoid conditions of toxic accumulation inside intestine. I have personally felt that this special method has manifold health benefits. It has done away with my acidity and constipation problems as well. If Shankha- prakshalana is done under the guidance of experts, it can benefit any person regardless of geographic location. I have mastered the Yogic shankha-prakshalana that allows me to clean my bowel in unbelievably small time.

For Both kinds of Persons affected / not Affected With Hemorrhoids

I recommend the measures suggested by the mayo clinic and the same is reproduced here:

Eat high-fiber foods- Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Doing so softens the stool and increases its bulk, which will help you avoid the straining that can cause hemorrhoids. Add fiber to your diet slowly to avoid problems with gas.

Drink plenty of fluids- Drink six to eight glasses of water and other liquids (not alcohol) each day to help keep stools soft.

Consider fiber supplements- Most people don’t get enough of the recommended amount of fiber — 20 to 30 grams a day — in their diet. Studies have shown that over-the-counter fiber supplements, such as psyllium (Metamucil) or methylcellulose (Citrucel), improve overall symptoms and bleeding from hemorrhoids.

If you use fiber supplements, be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water or other fluids every day. Otherwise, the supplements can cause or worsen constipation.

Don’t strain- Straining and holding your breath when trying to pass a stool creates greater pressure in the veins in the lower rectum.

Go as soon as you feel the urge. If you wait to pass a bowel movement and the urge goes away, your stool could dry out and be harder to pass.

Exercise- Stay active to help prevent constipation and to reduce pressure on veins, which can occur with long periods of standing or sitting. Exercise can also help you lose excess weight that might be contributing to your hemorrhoids.

Avoid long periods of sitting- Sitting too long, particularly on the toilet, can increase the pressure on the veins in the anus.

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Community Health Providers & Hemorrhoids

Dealing with Hemorrhoids and Community Health Provider (CHP)

THE NATIONAL MEDICAL COMMISSION ACT, 2019 [NMC Act 2019] by providing for Community Health Provider (CHP) has brought new hope to Indian population facing acute shortage of doctors but there is a darker side of it as well. Common recto-anal problems for instance, hemorrhoids has already been treated by under qualified practitioners with tall claims but fuelling further complications.

It will be interesting to be seen if the Act aiming to bridge the gap between supply- demand of doctors actually proves a boon for the most common ailments of the people.

Section 32(1) of the NMC ACT provides for licensing of Community Health Provide (CHP) for practicing medicine at mid level. Such licensed CHP shall have to meet the eligibility criteria of the Regulations framed under the NMC Act, 2019. As on 20.10.2021, the official site of National Medical Commission (NMC) displays “Rules and Regulations are in the process of being framed till then the Rules and Regulations of IMC Act, 1956 will prevail as per Section 61(2) of the NMC Act, 2019” Meaning, what will be the eligibility criteria of these CHP is yet not clear.

Nature of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids has plagued the humankind since time immemorial and it is estimated that 80% of the population is affected by this health condition at some point of time or other. It is said the emperor of France, Napoleon Bonaparte, suffered from hemorrhoidal disease. On the day of the decisive battle at Waterloo, Napoleon was in pain because of a severe case of thrombosed hemorrhoids, which impaired his battlefield conduct.

Various reputed science Journals and Reports by Medical fraternity have published guidelines for treating hemorrhoids. These guidelines are although not regulations under some specific ACT but without having an adequate knowledge of these publications wrong counselling is likely to occur. The relaxed eligibility for licensing of CHP and hurried move of the NMC to bridge the gap of demand- supply of health care professionals can cause detriments to many common ailments including hemorrhoids. While a qualified doctor can treat hemorrhoids just with a restricted diet plan others can worsen the case.

Current Public Approach towards Medical Fraternity

The “God on Earth” notion about doctors and medical practitioners has taken a plunge during recent time and public has resorted to violent activities against there saviours on pretext of many accusations against. Some of which had vaild concerns but others being frivolous. Violence however in any case cannot be justified.

Violence against doctors have been a shocking reality and its seriousness was most felt during last two years of covid pandemic. As per an interview of IMA Secretary Jaywant Lele, during  2020 alone about 300 incidents of assault on doctors and medical practitioners were recorded in India. The violence increased in the second wave of Covid with complaints about the lack of proper treatment. Harsh reality is that some 750 of doctors and practitioners lost their lives in 2020, and 700 in 2021 in course of serving people during pandemic . IMA secretary highlighted that showering  healthcare workers professionals with petals at one hand beat them up on the other is despicable dichotomy.

With growing violence in the backdrop, the IMA across India worked with black badges/ribbons in June 2021 to emphasize their ‘Save the Saviours’ appeal, demanding a definite legal recourse for violence against doctors.

How do Doctors Treat Hemorrhoids?

Treatment of hemorrhoids by doctors in a clinical office setting Or outpatient center and a hospital involves certain procedures that include the following:

A.Office treatments Procedures

Rubber band ligation– Under this procedure doctors do treat bleeding or prolapsing internal hemorrhoids. A special rubber band is placed around the base of the hemorrhoid. This band cuts off the blood supply and eventually the banded part of the hemorrhoid shrivels and falls off. In the process scar tissue is formed in the remaining part of the hemorrhoid that prompts shrinking of the hemorrhoid. The entire procedure requires a specialized doctor.

Sclerotherapy- Under this procedure, the doctor injects a solution into an internal hemorrhoid which causes scar tissue to form. The scar tissue so formed cuts off the blood supply often shrinking the hemorrhoid.

Infrared photocoagulation– Under this procedure the doctor uses a special device that throws infrared light at an internal hemorrhoid. In the process heat is created by the infrared light and it causes scar tissue to form. Again this scar tissue cuts off the blood supply leading to eventual shrinking of hemorrhoid.

Electrocoagulation- Under this procedure, the doctor uses a medical device that sends an electric current into an internal hemorrhoid. In the process the electric current causes scar tissue to form cutting off the blood supply and eventual shrinking of the hemorrhoid.

B. Outpatient Center or hospital Procedures

Hemorrhoidectomy- Under this procedure, the surgeon doctor, performs a surgical operation to remove external hemorrhoids Or, prolapsing internal hemorrhoids. It is usually resorted to the cases which do not respond to other treatments.

Hemorrhoid stapling- Under this procedure the surgeon uses a special stapling device to remove internal hemorrhoid tissue and push a prolapsing internal hemorrhoid back into the anus.

What Research Reports Record about Treating Hemorrhoids?

According to a Research work titled “Guidelines for the treatment of hemorrhoids” and published on Science Direct there is work flow of the procedures which is to be adopted. The conclusion part of the work marks the following:

The management of hemorrhoids involves confirmation of the diagnosis, meeting the needs and expectations of the patient, and to master the various treatment alternatives, or at least, to be aware of their indications and limitations.

Medical treatment should always be proposed in first intention, which may be sufficient for acute events and in cases of grade I and II hemorrhoids.

Instrumental treatment is recommended in case of failure of medical treatment or immediately for grade III localized prolapses for which rubber band ligation should be preferred.

Surgical treatment should be offered in the event of failure of both medical and instrumental treatment, or immediately for advanced prolapse. The patient should be reliably informed of the surgical alternatives and be able to participate in the choice of technique, the final decision depending on the surgeon.

Postoperative pain (POP) should be prevented by the systematic implementation of a pudendal block and multimodal use of analgesics. Elective routine outpatient surgery is possible provided that the patient’s safety can be assured.

American Family Physician website too lays down a meticulous diagnosis and corresponding suitable procedure for the treatment of the hemorrhoids. It emphasizes that without proper diagnosis, the measure taken could deteriorate the case instead improving on. Science Direct also marks that in many of the cases the actual problem may not be the hemorrhoids so treating with conditioned mind can lead to other complications.

Way Forward With Community Health Provider

Hemorrhoids is a common problem but without meticulous diagnosis, trying to treat could lead to several other complications and a simple problem may further into immensely harmful to patient. Cases have been reported wherein, underqualified practitioners have worsened the cases of hemorrhoids and given that as a common problem, large no. of hemorrhoids cases arise in rural areas, go unreported.

The NMC Act, although provides for bridging the gap of inadequacy of doctors by CHP licensing to eligible persons but the eligibility has not been defined yet. India is a country of Rules and Regulations, where rule of law and constitution prevails but it has been seen that despite 2000 Acts in the country, effective enforcement of the statutes is far fetching reality and instead benefitting the masses they have harmed more.

Provision of CHP under NMC ACT is a controversial subject and flags have been raised by the medical fraternity citing the flawed implementation of similar & Prior statutes in Chhattisgarh and Assam. Now it remains to be seen how CHP eases out the some of the common ailments of people. And, if they actually turn out to be saviour or earn the ire of masses on account of apprehended incompetency.

Harmful Foods To Avoid In Hemorrhoids At All Costs for Fast Recovery

Why an understanding of the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids is such a requirement? How the heck foods play a crucial role in curing your hemorrhoids?

Just for convenience, let me stress the importance of foods in curing hemorrhoids by saying “You get what you eat”.

Isn’t this the metamorphosis of “You are what you get”?  Where you are accustomed of hearing the latter since childhood from your mother. And she made this reference every time she found you not conforming to her idea of having foods.

So, mother’s reference to help you decide a healthy food is no different than reference by health experts.

And only because of this, a health expert would caution you against certain foods to avoid in hemorrhoids. My corollary would be thus on the same line. Like: Eat proper to get rid of hemorrhoids. And why so, because I have realized the impact of foods in curing or worsening your hemorrhoids.

Having said that, you also need medication and exercises apart from proper diets, if you are serious on curing your hemorrhoids.

Shall you want to know how I successfully cured my hemorrhoids?

So, What Are The Foods to Avoid in Hemorrhoids to Heal You Faster?

Getting confused about the foods that are helpful or harmful in hemorrhoids is easy. If, you do not know which foods have adverse impact on hemorrhoids it can bring perils.

De facto, the foods can either flare up your hemorrhoids or can suppress the same. Yet anothers are there which would make healing impact on your hemorrhoids.

So, here is the list of foods that enrage hemorrhoids and worsen the conditions.

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1.Red Chillies And its Preparations

I know, this may not be a new discovery to you that Red chillies are bad for hemorrhoids.

Red chillies in whatever form and the and the foods that contains red chillies can bring true perils. So, all kinds of foods that contain red chillies make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

As a matter of fact, the ingredients inside red chillies when react with enzymes form stomach acid. And the stomach acids at the end of day flare up the hemorrhoids. So, you must flag up chillied foods to stay away from, in hemorrhoids.

Not only that, you should consider avoiding the chillied dish even after healing of hemorrhoids.   As they can cause recurrence of the hemorrhoids and piles.

2.Ginger And its Preparations

In Ayurveda, although Gingers have great medicinal benefits, yet they make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids. I have personally seen their adverse effect on my hemorrhoid conditions.

So, even if the Ginger can add to the taste of your dishes, avoid them. I know several juices taste quite delicious with juice of ginger but then ginger containing juices make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

3.Brinjal or Egg Plant and Its Preparations

Untill, I got to know the effect of Brinjals on my hemorrhoids, I was having them as one my regular vegetables. Far and few uses although may not affect you visibly but regular use of brinjals have adverse effect on hemorrhoids. Better you flag them up as one of the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

Precisely, the brinjals to some people can cause itching of the skin. And so, if same itching is caused at hemorrhoid site, you can imagine the trouble.

4.Raw Mangoes and Its Preparations

Although, raw mangoes do not figure in our diet regularly, they are not good for hemorrhoids.  Raw and green mangoes have flaring up effect on your hemorrhoids. To my personal experience, they well make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

Objectively, raw green mangoes can enrage the inflammation and make your conditions worse. Experts suggest to avoid them if you are serious on treating your hemorrhoids.

5.Garlic and Its Preparations

In Ayurveda, garlic are told to have big medicinal benefits. But they make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

Garlic can impact to the extent of increasing the temperature of the body. And any food causing heat to your body is not good for your hemorrhoids.

Therefore, cutting on garlic consumption would lead to positive effects on your piles.

(Garlic cloves however, can be used as suppository to treat hemorrhoids but that is a different story)

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6.Cloves or Laung and Its Preparations

As per ayurveda, cloves have some major medicinal effects. But they make up foods to avoid in hemorrhoids, as their consumption can aggravate the problem.

As matter of fact, the cloves have heat generating properties and do cause warming effects on your body. Any food that has warming effect has thus to be avoided.

(Clove essential oils can be applied on hemorrhoid site, but consuming has adverse effect)

7.Soya Products and Its Produces

Soya products, especially soya proteins make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids. They have substantial adverse effects on hemorrhoid conditions.

People sometimes criticize soya products for flaring up the hemorrhoid and treat them like poison for piles.

Moreover, experts even suggest you to stay away from soya, white soya, black soya and also tofu if you have hemorrhoids.

8.Mixed Pulses (Dal)

Although pulses are good source of protein and have health benefits, the mixed pulses seem to work against your hemorrhoids.

Especially, the mixed pulses make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids. Rajma (kidney beans) and Urad when mixed with regular single pulses have adverse effects on hemorrhoids.

9.Mixed Grain Flour Make up The Foods to Avoid in Hemorrhoids

Yes, again although the mixed flours have their own health benefits, they are bad for hemorrhoids.

They are seen causing allergic reactions in the anus sometimes and make worsen your hemorrhoids.

10.Too Much of White Bread

White breads are mostly devoid of nutritional ingredients and they lack in fiber. If they make your breakfast or part of snacks, please be warned.

White breads are thus can be flagged as making up your foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

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11.Processed Foods in General

Processed foods are many in numbers so, it’s pretty difficult to name all at one place. But the usual processed foods such as biscuits, cakes, muffins, puff pastry, candy, pies, doughnuts all make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

Scientifically, processed food mostly lack in fiber and promote constipation. In its turn, constipation leads to strain while passing stools. Any strain on passing stool leads to hemorrhoid flare-ups.

12. Eggs- As They Cause Constipation and Warming Effect

Eggs are favourite to many of you in the breakfast, I know that. And they make a healthy snacks and meal too. But for conditions of piles, they make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

To my experience, eating too much of Eggs OR frequent use of eggs had caused hemorrhoid flare ups.

To be more elaborate, I had since long developed hemorrhoids, but for the first time, I saw  my hemorrhoid getting worse, once after eating many eggs in the night which resulted in constipation and bleeding other day morning.

Additionally, the Eggs have heating effect on our body and additional heat in the body is no good for hemorrhoid sufferers.

13. Frequenting on Chicken and Meat

Chicken and meats of almost all kinds have detrimental effects on your hemorrhoids. Spicy preparation of chickens and Meats are the most dangerous. They are poor in dietary fiber and result in constipation. Apart from constipation they have a warming effect inside body. On account of these reasons, they make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

So, if you are fondly into eating of non- vegetarion items, you can go for healthy fish or lean chicken meat to a restricted measure.

Moreover, forget not to add vegetables on your plate next to meat products. Give the self- imposing restrictions a try and you will thank me.

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14.Spicy Foods of Most of The Delicacies

Spices are in general, have warming effect and cause burning sensations also inside the stomach. The burning feel of spicy foods is not limited to stomach only. They cause feel of burn in anus and anal canals too. Obviously, this affects the hemorrhoids adversely.

Particularly, red chillies, Ginger, pepper, hot peppers can cause even quiet hemorrhoids to get swollen up & worsening ailment. Most experts recommend you consuming them to the least because they make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

15.Dairy Products Which Almost You Could Mistake to be Helpful

Contrary to the normal perception that Dairy products are helpful in hemorrhoids, actual results are different. They have in fact, mixed results in hemorrhoid conditions.  In most of the cases, they make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

For example, to a few people consuming milk has beneficial effect. Milk can act as a good laxative. But, to others they can cause stomach discomfort and can form intestinal gas. The people with lactose intolerance may suffer with frequent stool passing. Milk and other dairy products can trigger stomach acids. The intestinal gas, constipation, forming stomach acid all have worsening effect on your hemorrhoids.

Therefore, the dairy products should be consumed with due caution in the place.

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16. Foods and Beverages Having Caffein are No Good

Caffeinated products such as chocolates and coffee tea etc. are seen causing  hemorrhoid flare ups. Basically, caffeinated foods make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids. These foods can cause itching on hemorrhoid sites apart from dehydrating effect too.

To my personal experience, I have myself realized the bad effects of consuming tea and coffee. Unknowingly I was cosuming a lot of coffee and tea at some point of my life. I was taking other measures to control my hemorrhoids, but found them not working. In fact, I found the swelling grown even larger. But to my utter surprise, once I started cutting on caffein consumption, the things started falling in place.

So, if you are in profound habit of having coffee, energy drinks, or any beverage containing caffeine, make sure to keep yourself hydrated by consuming lot of water before and after having them.

17.Fatty Foods and Deep Fried Foods

Greasy and fatty foods pose difficulty for the digestive system and result in stomach pain and heartburn. This can trigger hemorrhoids flare ups. These foods contain saturated fats and reused edible oils which are harmful for your cardiac health also. Thus, you can safely conclude that fatty and deep fried delicacies make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

Additionally, these foods can create lot of other health situations also. Bloating, Belching, flatulence, Acid reflux and heart burn are creations of fatty and deep-fried foods. These health situations together can enrage your hemorrhoid conditions.

18.Fast Foods and Junk Foods in General

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The fraternity of fast foods and Junk foods is so large that it is pretty difficult to name them all at one go.  This is one segment of foods that has evolved tremendously with civilization.

Delicious meat products, such as bacon, sausage, ham, salami and pate, savoury snacks such as crisps, sausage rolls, pies and pasties, Microwave ready meals, cakes, donuts and biscuits, soda, coke etc. all come under Junk and fast foods. And they donot make up good eats for hemorrhoids.

Basically, freezing, canning, baking, drying, packaging are the procedures to make the foods junk. Junk foods also involve adding to extra fat, sugar, colour, preservative etc. The ingredients in them make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

Their processing although is basically meant for extending their shelf life.  But in the process, they lose out many of the essential ingredients and adds up harmful additives. The harmful additives, extra fat, colours, irritants all can cause hemorrhoid flare ups.

Hence, the fast foods/ junk foods with least of Nutritional value, harmful additives, harmful fats and salts should be avoided to their best, if you are concerned about getting rid of hemorrhoids.

19.Alcohol and Soda Both Make Up Foods to Avoid in Hemorrhoids

Alcohol may quench your thirst for the time being but they are big time dehydrator. And so is the case with soda. All dehydrators can cause constipation along with other stomach discomforts. I have experience with both of them well causing hemorrhoid flare ups.

Additionally, the soda contains artificial sweeteners like High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) which is responsible for obesity and as well inflames the hemorrhoids.

Conclusively, dehydrating in nature and harmful artificial ingredients the Alcohol and soda both make up foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

20.Laxatives More Frequently Can Worsen The Conditions

Laxatives are although quick fix to constipation, but they can worsen your hemorrhoid conditions. Laxatives make the stool loose (because of forming stomach acids) and sometimes, its so loose that you need going washrooms multiple times. Passing of acid laden stool so frequently harms the walls of rectum. They are also diueretic, meaning, they help loose your body water quickly.

Hence, excessive use of laxatives is never a good idea in hemorrhoids.

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21.Foods with Excess of Fibre if Taken Too Much

While fibre in the food is great for stomach health, taking frequently the foods with excess of fibre can harm your hemorrhoids.

De facto, excess of fibres in food make lumps or bulks and then passing of stool is no longer a smooth experience. The roughages rub against the rectum wall and motion is painful. Excess of fiber also means forming huge amount of stool which also may not go in favour of hemorrhoids.

Hence, you can safely eliminate taking excess of fibre too frequently.

22.All Foods in General Made of Refined Grains

Refined grains have least of fiber because of the process involved in their making. They do not only have least of fiber but also lack in essential ingredients. Refined grains have a tendency to accumulate in your stomach and intestines which then leads to stomach pain and constipation. This in turn, causes swelling of hemorrhoids and stool passing an excruciating pain.

Conclusively, this all makes refined grains land in the category of the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

23. Iron Rich Water and Iron Supplements

Iron Rich water is well known for its constipating properties. But if you consume Iron supplements also, during your hemorrhoids, this can be a real threat to your efforts for curing.

24. Protein Supplements Especially Soya Proteins

You should consume Proteins judiciously if you are suffering from hemorrhoids. They can well cause constipation for they have no fiber in them.

Moreover, Soya proteins are more prone to cause constipation and constipation is never a good situation for hemorrhoids.

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25. Certain Medications Which Cause Constipation

As a general observation, medicines for blood pressure, pain, cholesterol, Heart problems, tranquilizers, and anti-depressants can cause constipations. If you are hemorrhoid sufferer but on these medicines also, you must consult physician. So that alternative medicines for your prior problems can be suggested.

Particularly, Antacids containing aluminum, medicines for cold and cough, medication for an anaemic patient, antihistamines do interfere with your bowel movements.

Hence, ongoing OTC medicines need to be reviewed if you have figured hemorrhoids for yourself.

Let us see some specific foods from the angle of their ingredients and how can they make up the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids. 

26.The Mouthwatering Bacon

Bacon is a type of salt-cured pork. They contain high levels of sodium and loaded with saturated fat. Saturated fats have direct bearing on obesity and heart diseases. It also contains many preservatives which are related to every health concern from headaches to cancer.

Conclusively, Low in fiber, high in sodium and loaded with preservatives renders bacon to make up foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.  

27. Egg and Sausage Sandwich

Filled with Hormones, salt, antibiotics and dairy make them harmful for hemorrhoids. The ingredients are directly indirectly related to enrage the hemorrhoid conditions.

So, you can conveniently flag them up as the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

28. Bacon Cheeseburger – The Fav Five

Again they have trans-fat, calories, contaminated dairy clubbed with HFCS (in the buns and condiments), hormones, and antibiotics. All these ingredients alongwith additives used do make Bacon Cheeseburger as the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids

As a matter of fact, the ingredients therein, have the properties to cause stomach discomfort, constipation and flaring up the hemorrhoids.

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29. Pepperoni Pizza – So Savouring

They use junk-food Cheese and white flour along with nitrosamine. They also contain salty processed meats. This whole recipe makes the pizza toxic and unhealthy.

Based on the ingredient information, they have all sorts of irritant inside them and well cause constipation and heart burn

Which is why, Pepperoni pizza make the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

30. Hamburger Chili – The Delicious One

The hamburger chili uses beef, which in all possibilities is laden with hormones and antibiotics. Reports are there that Fast food hamburger may also contain E. coli and artificial colors.

None of the ingredients can favour you in treating hemorrhoids. Instead they all are super irritants and constipating.

Which is why, you can flag up hamburger chilli among the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

31. Hot Dog -Enough Hot to Worsen The Problem

The popular hot dogs are created from “meat trimmings”. Later they are ground into paste and several additives, chemicals including salt and high sodium are mixed and finally shaped into hot dog. Most of the hot dogs also contain HFCS and several other unhealthy ingredients.

Conclusively, colours, preservatives, food irritants, antibiotics and harmones are present in the hot dogs. And these all make up Hot Dog as the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

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32. Beef burrito – Favs For Many

They have the beef and cheese as the staple components. So, naturally there is presence of hormones and antibiotics. Apart from these garlic, cumin, chili powder, oregano, salt, tomato sauce spiked with chilies, onions, garlic, and cilantro are used.

Obviously, many of these ingredients can aggravate your hemorrhoids. So, better to avoid beef burrito, if you are serious in getting rid of the ailment.  

Final Take on The list of Foods to Avoid in Hemorrhoids

We tried presenting to you a comprehensive list of the foods not good for hemorrhoids. Based on this, you can conclude that the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids have got some common properties.

The foods which can cause constipation are not good for piles / hemorrhoids at all.

Foods causing obesity, stomach discomfort are also not good.

The foods having less of fiber are surely not any good for you.

Processed foods of all kinds containing irritants, allergic properties are not good.

Dairy or animal products infested with harmones and antibiotics also harm the hemorrhoid conditions.

Trans fat and and High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) containing food are equally harmful.

The foods where raw vegetables are either genetically modified or, laden with pesticides are not good.

All foods making use of MSG and Gluten are not good either.

All kinds of highly spiced, high salty and deep-fried, processed and junk foods also do make the foods to avoid in hemorrhoids.

Note: The Proper food is only a singular aspect. If you are serious about curing hemorrhoids, check this health guide by experts on hemorrhoids

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The Best Hemorrhoid Pillows That You Can Buy From Trusted Sellers in Need

Best Hemorrhoid Pillows can go a long way in treating your hemorrhoids. These pillows are the easiest thing you can rope in, to subside your hemorrhoid pains right away. And getting the best hemorrhoid pillows is no difficult these days.

See, if you have ever suffered from hemorrhoids outbreak, you know the unspeakable agony and pains. Literally speaking, you are in a mental state to go for any remedy that people ask you to.  Best hemorrhoid pillows could make an important aid in course of curing your hemorrhoid.

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Why You Need Hemorrhoid Pillows/ Cushions?

How uneasy you feel about, when trying to sit, if you suffered with a hemorrhoid outbreak. You cannot focus on your work when the pain is down there.

Not only that, you feel embarrassed speaking your pains to just anybody either. So what if, you can have a sitting cushion that can alleviate your pains. The best hemorrhoid pillows are the way to go for.

Scientifically, hemorrhoids cause swelling of your blood vessels in the anal passage or the rectum. So, if you sit for any stretch of time you put pressure on the rectal and anal areas. This unwarranted pressure aggravates the symptoms of existing hemorrhoids.

Now, you would want put check on flare-ups and subside the pain while seated. You are in need of something that can comfort you.  And you do not want the hemorrhoids to be aggravated. So, here comes some of the best hemorrhoid pillows as your saviour.

Basically, if you remain seated sit for a while, you would feel strong urge of changing your sitting position. This urge requires you keep shifting back and forth just to maintain a position. A position that hurts you the least.

So, the result is that you cannot sit in office nor you are able to drive.  To add the woo, standing always also is not possible. This again can aggravates the hemorrhoid conditions. The best hemorrhoid pillows come to your rescue in these hard times.

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How Do Best Hemorrhoid Pillows help you?

Let me ask you this instead. Why do you feel the pain while you try sitting? your answer would be simple: Either because of pressure exerted on Anal/ rectum area in seated position or because of rubbing of the hemorrhoid site against hard clothing or sitting surface. Pressure on your tailbone while sitting  might also be another cause for pains.

So, based on the root cause of your pain, hemorrhoid pillows aim at shifting the pressure away from the hemorrhoid site. They shift the inevitable pressure on anal area to the thighs and other parts.

Therefore, whole idea is that the hemorrhoids or anal area never come in contact with your seat. Cut shapes inside the hemorrhoid pillows ensures this by keeping the anal area suspended in air. This way, they are not bearing the weight of your body.

Further, the design of the hemorrhoid pillows distributes the body weight evenly across the buttocks. This naturally removes the pressure on the perineum. This results in relieving pain caused in anal, sciatica, pelvic and perineal. The best hemorrhoid pillows are designed pretty much ergonomic, so as to serve the purpose.

Making of Best Hemorrhoid Pillows

Cushion of your hemorrhoid pillows may be made of foams of many different kinds, cooling gels, of inflatable rubber or by combo of all this. Some aim you feel you extra softness yet others are moderately firm. Yet another may be with moderate velvety touch. Yet others offer you feeling of coolness such as cooling gel pillows. The best hemorrhoid pillows have everything, technology to comfort.

Cooling gel pillows and mattresses are a new trend. In these cushions, memory foam surrounds a pad of Cool Gel material giving you a cooling sensation while you sit or sleep over. They eliminate the need to flip the pillow to find a cool side. The Cool Gel Memory Foam Pillow responds to temperature and pressure to mould to your shape by creating the perfect support for your head, neck and shoulders.

Depending upon the individual choice of experience and budget you can choose the cushions  that suits you the most. The best hemorrhoid pillows to me should also offer true value for your money.

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Model / Types of Hemorrhoid pillows and cushions

Models and material together offer you a certain kind of end result. So, before you go for a hemorrhoid pillow you should bear in mind the purpose of using the same. The place to be used on, viz. smooth surface, chair, driving seat, bed would also factor in your buying them.

The hemorrhoid pillows come in different styles and models. They would come in donut shape, in a square flat shape with cuts to fit the contours of your buttocks. The hemorrhoid pillows may come in simply flat cushion or horse shoes shapes. Then they come in different sizes small to large size. You might want to go for the shape and size that suits your need.

Your purpose, the place to use in, budget, design, size and the user experience would decide the best hemorrhoid pillows for you.

Hemorrhoid cushions in donut shapes are most popular and they suit to the needs of most people. They can be used for various other purposes too. For example, tailbone pain, prostate, pregnancy, pressure sores, post-surgery, post child birth etc.

10+ Best Hemorrhoid pillows on market

1.Kieba Hemorrhoid Treatment Donut Tailbone Cushion

This ultra premium comfort foam donut cushion adds relief and comfort to any seat. They are specially designed donut cushion with coccyx cut-out. Sitting on these cushion relieves your pain and tension from hemorrhoids, pressure ulcers and lower back pain too.

Also, you can enjoy hours of comfortable sitting on them. The Kieba Hemorrhoid cushions offer you desirable support to keep you from sinking down. It isn’t as high up as many other donut Cushions available on market. This donut cushion can even be used for smooth surfaces. Because it’s built with little rubber feet that provides a good amount of grip during use. So that, chances of slipping and sliding around are eliminated.

Why would you love Kieba hemorrhoid Donut Cushion

Maximum relief and comfort: These cushions reduce pressure on your pelvic, coccyx, lower back, perineal, and anal region. As a result you get relief in pain from hemorrhoids, pressure ulcers, prostatitis, pregnancy, child birth, and lower back pain.

Durable: They are made of dense premium comfort foam. They do not flatten out with prolonged use. Kieba cushions do not deflate like inflatable donut cushions and you can eliminate the puncture like situation.

Ergonomic: Structure wise these cushions promote good posture and healthy weight distribution for hours of comfortable sitting.

Use on any seat: You can well use these cushions on any chair, car seat, plane, and wheelchair. Non-slip bottom ensures the cushion stays in place and does not not shift or slide on any surface.

Easy Cleaning: These Cushions come with removable velour cover. And cover is machine washable for easy cleaning.

Note: it may be noted though, that the cushions only help in subsiding your pain while you sit. They are not to replace our holistic approach of curing hemorrhoids.

2.NURSAL Memory Foam Seat Cushion for Hemorrhoids

These hemorrhoid pillows are few of the most ergonomic ones. Their design and make suits to the requirements of all type bodies so as to optimize your sitting and working efficiency. These hemorrhoid pillows are made of Comfort Memory foam seat cushion. It’s soft to the touch and offers good support. The shape of these pillows is pretty much optimal for your long-term sitting. You will find them extremely efficient at taking pressure off your bottom no matter what type of sitting that you are doing.

Technologically, hemorrhoid pillows of NURSAL make use of third generation memory foam.  These foams are temperature-sensitive. Initially people termed them as “slow spring back foam” and “temper foam”. Basically, NASA developed them by feeding gas into a polymer matrix.

Originally, Memory foam had heat trapping property but the second generation Memory foam were made breathable to deal with trapped body heat. The third generation Memory foams come as Gel visco or, gel memory foam. They behave in a way so as to reduce trapped body heat, speed up spring back time and help the cushion feel softer.

Why Would You Love NURSAL Hemorrhoid Pillows

Premium 100% Memory Foam: They are 100% pure memory foam with no additives. They are perfect for extended hours of sitting without experiencing any pain, aches, fatigue or soreness with office chair, desk chair, kitchen, car seat, airplane, or wheelchairs.

Pain & Relief in multiple health conditions:  Apart from being useful in your hemorrhoid pain, these hemorrhoid Pillows are saviour in lower back pain, numbness, sciatica, and pressure sores. These hemorrhoid pillows promote a healthy sitting posture and reduces pressure on your coccyx, tailbone and hip bones while you sit or drive.

Most Ergomomic design: hemorrhoid Pillows by Nursal have Center hollow to avoid pressure on genitals, anal area and takes off the pressure buttock. Hollow space is good for ventilation and prevent bacterial propagation. Also Little point at the back of this pillow promotes upright sitting for you.

Durable and & Breathable: Nursals are made of breathable material and they are usable for the long term too. Additionally, the soft and breathable airy mesh cover keeps you cool and dry over prolonged periods of use.

Easy to clean: You will find their 3D mesh zip cover, easy to remove and clean.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: You can get replacement or refund of Nursal hemorrhoid pillows within one year

Note: The best hemorrhoid pillows are not the only thing that you need to heal your hemorrhoidd from ground up. These can be part of your complete approach to cure hemorrhoids.

3.Aylio Donut Ring Hemorrhoid Pillow

Donut shape pillows are in huge demand. For the feature and value that they offer can make best haemorrhoid pillows for you. They offer you a combo of soft and firm support together. You can slip these haemorrhoid pillows onto a computer chair, a kitchen chair or even behind the wheel of your car. Irrespective of place you want to use them, they provide you equal level of value. The value of comfort, support and pain relief.

Additionally, the Aylio Donut Ring Hemorrhoid Pillows are also a good option for those who suffer from lower back pain. And they are something you can keep around the office all day long. 

Why Would You Love Aylio Donut Ring Hemorrhoid Pillow 

Comfort and Support: If you look for Superior comfort and firm support, these haemorrhoid pillows are way to go. You can get pain relief onto any surface be it office chair, car seat, plane or wheelchair.

Special Shape: Contoured donut shape of these haemorrhoid pillows is intended for reducing pressure on the coccyx, tailbone, legs and hip bones while sitting. They are there to promote healthy weight distribution, blood circulation and correct posture for you.

Easy to clean: Removable velour cover is machine washable and allows for easy cleaning.

Durable Shape: The shape of these hemorrhoid pillows are there to stay. They have kind of firm shape. The downside however is that if you want a soft cushion, these are not there to meet your requirement.

But hey, even the best hemorrhoid pillows can not cure you from the pains of hemorrhoids. You got to develop a strategic healing plan.

4.Inflatable Donut Seat Cushion for Hemorrhoid

If you are looking for the best hemorrhoid pillows that is travel friendly, look no further. This is it. With its Never-Flat Technology, the cushion is comfy, firm and supportive. Easy portability makes it great for use on planes, cars, boats and the journey of the likes.

These hemorrhoid pillows normally come with pump and nifty carrying case. Technology wise they do not leak air no matter how much weight I put on it.

Why Would You Love Inflatable Donut Seat Cushion

Doctor Approved: Material in making are hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and hospital grade. Doctors recommend these pillows widely to help support your butt, lower back and hips.

NeverFlat Technology: Although inflatable, they are extremely firm yet comfortable. They use NeverFlat technology to make sure your butt, lower back and hips get the support they need.

Extremely portable: Being inflatable in nature they make best haemorrhoid pillows if you travel frequently. Airplane, Train, Car, Boat or at Home

Bonus Equipment: Usually they come with a hand pump and Carrying bag . Inflate these cushions anywhere so you can avail desired relief.

Satisfaction Guarantee: Inflatable Donut Seat Cushion have one of the best customer support. Customer support and replacement is available.

I am a big fan of the best hemorrhoid pillows and cushions. But let me tell you frankly, this only plays a part of your entire strategy for getting rid of hemorrhoid. You got to check that entire strategy.

5.Bonmedico Orthopedic Hemorrhoid Pillow

Although best for orthopaedic use, they also make one of the best hemorrhoid pillows in the market place. Bonmedico cushions make use of gel memory foam which is third generation memory foam. Temperature sensitive cushions of these pillows are health friendly and offer optimum value for your money.

Also, the ergonomic design of the cushion has a contoured compact viscoelastic memory foam core with a cooling gel layer on top. The non-slip bottom of the cushion is another salient feature that ensures that it stays in place during use. The overall material of cushion help them stand out as one of the best hemorrhoid pillows with relief in multiple health cases. They can be used everywhere anywhere.

Let me very frank with you, that best of the best hemorrhoid pillows and cushions is only a smaller aid to your composite health plan to get rid of hemorrhoids.

Why would you love Bonmedico Orthopedic Hemorrhoid Pillow

Wide ambit of pain relieving: These hemorrhoid pillows helps relieve pain in multiple conditions with you. Be it hemorrhoids, tailbone, coccyx injury, sciatica, back pain or pressure sores. Orthopedic firmness of these cushions the offer exceptional lumbar support.

High tech making: These hemorrhoid pillows are an innovative piece of aid for you. They use blend of gel and memory foam. Ergonomic design of these cushions feature a contoured compact viscoelastic memory foam core with a cooling gel layer on top. Because of its donut shape with recess in centre, you are able to keep the painful area from rubbing against surface.

Sheer Comfort: The gel and memory foam donut pillows offer an ideal mixture of maximum sitting comfort and orthopaedic firmness. The underside of these doughnut pillows is made of a non-slip material that ensures the cushion pad stays in place and does not shift or slide on any surface.

Versatility in usage: The Bonmedico Orthopedic Hemorrhoid Pillows can be used anywhere. They are suitable as an ergonomic chair cushion at home, computer chair cushion, office chair cushion, car seat cushion or wheelchair cushion. Their non-slip material that ensures the cushion pad stays in place on any surface.

Hygienic: Materials of Bonmedico Orthopedic pillow are non-toxic, hygienic and safe to use. One of the best hemorrhoid pillows, they come with a cover that is machine washable.

6.Duro-Med 18-inch Molded Foam Pillow

One of the best hemorrhoid pillows, it’s also helpful for women healing after childbirth due to its shape and design. The hole in the centre is cleverly hidden by fabric so you can take it anywhere and nobody can guess about your health problem. Yes, you can use them discreetly!

Additionally, you can use them with equal effectiveness in the home, office or car or journey, long trips.

Not only that, you can even use them in your daily commute for sitting on this supportive cushion.

Why would you love using Duro-Med 18-inch Molded Foam Pillow

Comfort and support: They Provide you comfort and support when sitting for an extended period of time. They Reduces pressure on your back and tailbone. Ring-shape comfortably conforms to your body contours.

Specific Use: They are ideal after childbirth, apart from hemorrhoids or in lower back pains.

Discreet Usage: Centre hole of Duro med is hidden by fabric making it discreet enough to take anywhere.

Easy Clean and wash: Removable polyester cotton cover is machine washable.

Durability: High-density foam of Duro med helps retain its shape through repeated use by you. 

Note: You gotta check the holistic healing plan if you are really serious to cure your hemorrhoids.

7.Milliard Foam Donut Pillow for hemorrhoids

Another best hemorrhoid pillows, normally come in large size of 20X15″. You can use them to relieve pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids, sciatica, coccyx injury and pregnancy.

Further, the cushion of this donut conforms perfectly to the natural contours of the body for maximum comfort. They too come with cleverly hidden the centre hole. So yes, discreet usage of the hemorrhoid pillow is also one of its many features.

Also, these pillows usually have desirable firmness to help you maintain proper posture and provide stability while seated.

Why would you love using Milliard Foam Donut Pillow

Comfort: Ring shape of Millard Donut provides relief by reducing pressure and discomfort. Also Helps relieving pain associated with coccyx injuries They are ideal for comfortable sitting during pregnancy. Ventilated mesh cover allows your body to breathe and it therefore does not increase your body temperature ensuring you comfort.

Support: They help maintain you proper posture and provide stability while seated. They are designed to conform perfectly to the contours of your body for maximum comfort and support that lasts

Durable Shape: Firm construction of Millard doesn’t go away easily,

Versatile usage: Eqaully suitable for using in home, car and office and in multiple conditions.

Easy cleaning:  Milliard Foam Donut Pillow for hemorrhoids Includes a durable cover that removes easily for machine washing.

Hey let me clear out to you, the millard pillows or any of the best hemorrhoid pillows cannot heal up your hemorrhoids fully. Of course, you a detailed roadmap to deal with hemorrhoids for getting cured.

8. Chesna Donut Tailbone Seat Cushion for Hemorrhoids

This is one of the best hemorrhoid pillows in the market, which is truly multipurpose. You can use them in several other health conditions too.

For example: Fractured coccyx, anal tearing, chronic pelvic or tailbone pain, could the ideal situations to use Chesna Cushion. Rectal, anal, vaginal or perineal surgery surgeries could be the other health situations.

Additionally, You may like to use these best hemorrhoid pillows for seating during a long drive, flight or hours of work. This helps you avoid direct contact with the hard sitting surface by alleviating your pain and providing relief from general discomfort in your butts and surrounding region.

Also, you can use Chesna cushion also for relieving prostate, post-surgery and pregnancy pains and discomfort.

You could love Chesna Donut Tailbone Seat Cushion for

Versatile usage: You can use Chesna Donut Tailbone Seat Cushion for Hemorrhoids in a host of health conditions.

Support and Comfort: The cushion of these pillows uses premium quality dense foam. This provides you superior comfort and support. Pillows do not flatten out for extended period of time. The non-slip bottom of the cushion prevents it from sliding away on all any kind of surface.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance: The cushion comes with a removable velour cover that can be washed and cleaned as required. (The foam though is never a washable thing in almost all sort of cushions.)

Highly Ergonomic: This donut oblong-round shaped cushion from Chesna is pretty much ergonomic. And suit pretty  well to contours of your back side. Being ergonomic they enhance your work efficiency by taking off the undesired pains.

Although the best hemorrhoid pillows and quality cushions are important. But you got to be very much with complete roadmap to cure your hemorrhoids for good.

9. LiBa Black Memory Foam Orthopedic Seat Cushion

Popular and one of the best hemorrhoid pillows in the market space, LiBa Seat Cushion  delivers you “actual relief.” They have used next generation cutting edge therapeutic cushion technology which positions your sitting for optimal health and recovery.

Also, you must not wonder that a body that is properly aligned and balanced (side to side) recovers from injury lot more quickly.

Additionally, highly ergonomic design of the cushion promises you to deliver pain relief and quicker healing in a host of health conditions.  

Why would you love Liba Memory foam Cushion for hemorrhoids

Therapeutic Design: The elevated back arch – The back arch lifts and supports the sacrum alleviating your tailbone (coccyx) pressure and pain.

Unique Hip Cradle-  Their curve fitting cushion hugs your thighs relieving hip pressure and pain. The design also promotes proper spinal alignment and posture. The tapered lower front prevents numbness in your leg which would occur otherwise due to poor blood circulation.

Bowling Pin Shaped Hollow Designs: This innovative hollow ventilating space in the cushion extends from the coccyx to the genital areas. The space offers you relief for hemorrhoids, sensitive prostates, low sperm count, post delivery recovery for mothers. They are also great for multiple other conditions which require zero contact.

High quality Product: These cushions use the highest quality memory foam.

Multi Purpose Usage: They can not only be used for hemorrhoids rather for a host of other health conditions also.

Versatility in Using Space- You can use these cushions on any seating area like in a car, boat, plane, theatre and sports event, even in a wheelchair. Due to their anti Slip Bottom, you can use them on any surface smooth or otherwise.

Cool Mesh Cover- Their removable, washable, soft and breathable airy mesh cover keeps you cool and dry over prolonged periods of use.

Hey, although Liba’s Cushions are one of the best hemorrhoid pillows in market place. But to get rid of hemorrhoids you got to a comprehensive road map.

10. Dr. Frederick’s Inflatable Donut Cushion for hemorrhoid

Popular choice for people who travel a lot, this is one of the best hemorrhoid pillows out there. They are inflatable and hence handy and portable which you can carry along anywhere you go.

Also, the donut design of this cushion distributes your body weight evenly through the buttocks. This results in alleviating the pressure on the perineum. Frederick’s cushion is also helpful in relieving your pain caused in anal, sciatica, pelvic and perineal.

Additionally, they are very useful for people who have given birth recently. The Cushion uses high quality material to offer durability, leak proof design and superior comfort to you. Flannel cover of the cushion is completely hypoallergenic and machine washable. The Cushion comes with pump also.

Why would you love Dr. Frederick’s Inflatable Donut Cushion

Most Travel Friendly: Because of their being made inflatable, odor free and hygienic, you can carry them along anywhere you want.

Easy Inflatable: Unlike competitors Frederick’s Inflatable Donut Cushion are easy inflatable.

Premium Quality Material: Leak proof,  hypoallergic, odourless, latex free material used in making.

Multipurpose Usage: Works in host of other health conditions apart from hemorrhoid. Be it Sciatica, tail bone, back bone, post surgery, post child birth pains etc.

Superior Comfort: The ring shape distributes your body weight evenly without putting pressure on the perineum. This helps relieve pelvic, perineal, and anal pain. End result is that this prompts effective pain relief and healing of the affected area.

Hey, although, the Fredrick cushions are popular as one of the best hemorrhoid pillows in the market place. They are not just enough, you need to get a complete strategic blueprint to cure hemorrhoids fully.

Final take on Best Hemorrhoid pillows 2019

While we tried giving you a list of best hemorrhoid pillows, choose the one that suits you most. Their order of being the best may not be necessarily the same for you.

Also, you might want to note, that the best hemorrhoid pillows too offer only temporary relief from pains of hemorrhoid. They cannot be a substitute our holistic approach by experts. On using best hemorrhoid pillows under experts consultation, chances of your healing are higher.

Additionally, curing hemorrhoids for good, requires you to take up a holistic approach. I recommend you reading a healing strategy, the one I have taken benefit from, tremendously in the recent past.

Having said that, you might want to bear in mind that only use of best hemorrhoid pillows cannot cure hemorrhoids.

Moreover, prolonged use of even  best of the best hemorrhoid pillows may affect the ailment adversely.

I fact, sitting over the best hemorrhoid cushions should be adequately balanced by your movement and exercise. You can check the comprehensive healing strategy if you so wish.

Other Useful Read for You:

10+ Best Donut Pillows For Hemorrhoids 2018

Donut pillows or Doughnut pillows are the ring shaped or Donut shaped pillows. You will find these pillows extremely helpful in relieving pain of hemorrhoids tailbone and many other health conditions. Donut Pillows could be a handy tool aiding to the complete cure of hemorrhoids along the way. They are not all in but for sure a part of holistic approach to cure your dreaded hemorrhoids

Why Would You Need a Donut Pillow?

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids you know just how uncomfortable sitting could be. Frequently shifting back and forth while sitting down lands you in real agony. The pain because of outbreak of haemorrhoids is unspeakable, the itching further adds the pain. Your pain can keep you from sitting. But then not sitting at all is also not a solution.

The Donut pillows are one of the most in demand pillows for their ergonomic designs. Employ the Donut pillows or Doughnut pillows to your saviour in these hard times. When you place your bum over these pillows, you get instant relief from pain. You should consider picking good quality Donut pillows because they just make that much of a difference.

How Does Donut Pillow work?

Donout pillows shift away the pressure from site of hemorrhoid to other part of body. No pressure on hemorrhoid site means less of pain there. Donut pillows meant for hemorrhoid are built like a donut. They are built up around the outside with a cutout in the centre. The empty centre is meant for hanging the affected part in air. So, the rest of your backside takes the pressure of sitting, instead of the hemorrhoid. Imparting no pressure to the site of hemorrhoid means less of pain.

Mini Guide to buy Donut Pillow for Hemorrhoids:

Comfortability: Why the hell you will spend on Donut pillows? The foremost reason you will be buying one of these hemorrhoid pillows is to make yourself comfortable. So ideally, donut Pillows for hemorrhoids should be supportive in first place. They ought to be slightly firm, but soft enough to offer you excellent comfort.

Make: The Pillow for your hemorrhoid should be of either of cushion or inflatable tubes, Shift between their make as per your need. Sometimes you’ll feel cushions help you more at other times you’ll feel using the inflatable tubes.

Durability: For the most part quality also comes with durability but not always. You would certainly like to go for one which holds its shape over time. This saves you spending again and again. Donut pillows in the normal course can be more durable. But it depends.

Supportive: Reading about this feature of pillow can help you out a lot. Some cushions are really comfortable initially but after few hours can start causing you back pain. Read their reviews and choose the most supportive ones.

Inexpensive: Of course, the cost should be a factor. You do not need spending a fortune on something you are just going sit. I am also not supportive of any product which is priced higher than it should be at. A due diligence in price comparison could be a good deal.

Donut Pillows Are Available in Cushion or Tube

You can find the donut pillows mainly in two forms. They can be either be made of Cushion or inflatable tubes.


Note: If you are seriously looking for treating your hemorrhoids, you might need a comprehensive approach to cure the problem.


Final Note on Using The Donut Pillow

However, prolonged use of donut pillows should be made under doctor’s consultation. Doctor’s may not suggest you their prolonged use because of their shapes. Their shapes are similar to that of toilet seat. If you spend much time sitting over the toilet seat, conditions can worsen  prolapse hemorrhoids could worsen.  A similar analogy you can draw in respect of donut pillows.


Dangerous Foods That Aggravate Hemorrhoids and You must Avoid Them

What are the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids? Getting to know this could be your best bet for a long term cure to your hemorrhoids.

There are foods which have properties to heal up your hemorrhoids. Others are there which can actually worsen the condition of your hemorrhoids. If you are having hard time figuring the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids you are missing an important part of strategy for permanent healing.

So, what I advise you that you do some research to get a hint of. The easiest thing however is to go through this post all through the bottom. I am sure you will have a reasonably good picture of the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. Keep these foods at bay which actually adds to your misery under hemorrhoids conditions.

So, What Are The Foods that Aggravate Hemorrhoids 

1.Refined Grains- Easily Coming To Your Plate

The refined grains are deficient in fiber and certain other nutrients helpful for proper digestion and elimination. Any refined grains thus you eat can sit in the stomach or intestines for a while. As a result, they contribute to constipation and stomach pain.

This new situation can make your hemorrhoid flare-ups more painful. Refined grains thus aggravate hemorrhoids by adding to your pain and swelling at the hemorrhoid site.  So, the common sense as it has, that you cut on the refined grains. And, subsequently going on to rule out refined grains from your foods that aggravate Hemorrhoids.

Foods alone however are not sufficient, you need a complete approach in treating hemorrhoids. You got to check this remedy guide for hemorrhoids if you want to get rid of hemorrhoids forever. 

2.Processed Foods and Junk Foods- The Big Enemy

So to me, these foods are one of the biggest enemies of hemorrhoid conditions with you. Yes, for they follow you everywhere. Junks and processed foods have become so much a part of our daily intake. And seriously, you have to cut on them drastically, if you cannot give up right away.

Let me clear you why they make up the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids.   Normally, the Processed & Junk foods contain bad fats, unhygienic oils, and salts and they are very poor in necessary ingredients. Not only this, they are most adulterated today. They contain many preservatives and synthetic un-organic ingredients too bad for overall health.

Result of this all is that they cause poor digestion and leave you constipated.

Not only that, most of the pre-packaged and junk foods contain inflammation-promoting ingredients. These ingredients prompt your blood vessels swell and finally, worsen the condition.  So, on a conclusive note, they are key foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. If you really want to contain hemorrhoid flare ups, keep away from them immediately.

Only foods however, cannot offer you complete solution in treating hemorrhoids. You got to take a serious approach instead. 

3.Dairy Products – Misunderstood Many a Time

Yes, many times you may easily mistake the dairy products with the foods that help you out in hemorrhoids. The fact however is that Dairy products act some time as the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. Not getting exactly how? Me too never thought the things this way early on.

Dairy product many times  form gas inside your stomach which further leads to many forms of Intestinal Gas (Belching, Bloating, Flatulence). High fat Dairy products also give rise to Acid reflux causing heart burning. In a situation of discomfort, unwanted heat at body level that can worsen your hemorrhoid. So the Dairy products can be there among other foods that aggravate hemorrhoids.

Acid reflux along with other conditions may lead to poor digestion, stomach pain and stomach cramps and constipation too.  And constipation again defeats your efforts to fight back with hemorrhoids.

Consumption of dairy products in big quantity leave behind fatty acids in the intestines. A step ahead, the fatty acids bind to calcium deposits causing accumulation of bulk called “soaps,”. The soaps further contribute to constipation and hardened stool.

If you have ever been constipated and suffered with Acid reflux, please be cautioned. Dairy products may for you be the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids.

Treating hemorrhoids is not so difficult, provided you follow a comprehensive strategy for it. 

4.Alcohol – A Dehydrant And A Conspating Beverage

Seemingly strange but true, that end result of alcohol is dehydration. And dehydration is one of the prominent reason for  constipation.  Constipation becomes reason of putting strain on anal rectum. And hence, constipation contributes to flare-ups and aggravate your hemorrhoids.

So the Alcohol if not taken judiciously, can prove to be one of the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. If you suffering from hemorrhoids consider minimizing the consumption of alcohol and also the frequency thereof. Instead, you should consider increasing drinking of water and frequency of having the water. More hydration, means less chances of disruption of bowel movements and hence supporting in healing up.

You will want to read this health remedy guide, if you are serious about healing your hemorrhoids for the good.

5.Deep Fried- The Foods That aggravate hemorrhoids

Making of Fried foods takes full range of unhealthy ingredients such as unhealthy oils, lot of saturated fats, hydrogenated fats etc. Not only that,  the raw foods that are used in deep frying are themselves unhygienic. Why this is the case,  only because after deep frying, the customer almost cannot guess where that raw food was sourced form.

As per my normal experience, deep fried foods can cause your bowel movement restricted and causes gastrointestinal problem. You might face  belching, Bloating and flatulence all  forms of intestinal gas & Acid reflux.  The conditions well make you constipated or can cause diarrhoea. In either of the cases hemorrhoids are aggravated.

While the cholesterol related cardiac problems could be the future dangers out of these foods, among the instant effects they prove to be the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. Oils and fats used in deep fried foods are mostly  inflaming and can make hemorrhoids really painful.

Distancing from Deep Fried Foods can be one of the many required steps. But, if you want a complete relief from the ailment, go for a  blueprint to cure hemorrhoid. 

6.Spicy Foods of all kinds- They Aggravate hemorrhoids

Although I have tested the impact of spicy foods on hemorrhoids, you can take my word for granted. You could even wildly imagine how the spicy foods can flare up the hemorrhoids. Their adverse effect on hemorrhoids is an established fact.

Passing stool with excruciating burning pain in the anus must have been a truth for you at a least few times. The spicy foods contain all the inflaming ingredients and spices that make them worst foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. Pains could be unbearable if you have hemorrhoids bleeding or sore.

Intake of spicy foods makes passing of stool painful and extremely irritating. In some instances, the spicy foods may cause diarrhea also, which enrages the flare ups and pain is excruciating painful.

Taking precaution on spicy foods has great health benefit alongside calming down hemorrhoids. But you if you serious treating the ailment, read our comprehensive approach to cure hemorrhoids for the good.

7.Certain Medications- Can Aggravate Hemorrhoids

If you are already under medication for some ailment other than hemorrhoids, beware of eating them indiscriminately. If you have gone through any recent outbreak of hemorrhoids, check with your physician. Continuing with earlier medicines may enrage flare-ups of hemorrhoids.

As a matter of fact, many prescriptions have side effects of causing constipation. If you have a few in this category they can spell disaster for hemorrhoids. You might require stopping few of your medicines in consultation with your doctor.

Taking Precautions and consultations are just fine to alleviate your hemorrhoid pains. If you wanna get to know the complete strategy to cure hemorrhoids you need  a dedicated guide on curing hemorrhoid.

8.Tea, Coffee, Caffeinated Beverages, Milk etc.

Because, I have been myself a victim of chronic hemorrhoids, I have noticed effects of caffien on my hemorrhoids.

For the most part, Coffee, tea or any caffeinated beverages for that matter cause anal itching. I have seen the adverse effects in my case but if you too face such issues, beware! In my case I have noticed that on increasing my frequency for tea and coffee, the swelling too was grown apart from itching. The swelling continued growing and started protruding the anal opening. I figured them to be sort of foods that aggravate hemorrhoids. Wise thing that I did was that I started quitting, caffeinated produce right then.

If you are monitoring your hemorrhoids, you must note the effects of these caffeinated eatables. It will surprise you that caffeinated beverages and milk, chocolate, tomatoes and citrus fruits are all responsible for enraging fare ups. In fact, they all contain inflaming ingredients inside. And as you give up them itching and irritations of anus and rectum and hemorrhoid flare ups start subsiding. This was a real case observation with me and may be same turns out for you too.

Tea and coffee have basically stimulus effect on functioning of your body and mind. Cutting on them although is a must and is possible at your end, but that is not the all you need. Here is our comprehensive plan to cure hemorrhoids.

9.Excess of Salt in Foods- Foods That aggravate Hemorrhoids

As a matter of common observation, you would agree that salt has dehydrating effects. All the dehydrating eatables make stool harder to pass and the salt is no exception. Harder stool passing is nothing but constipation. And this what you would always like avoid.

Excess of salts in food slows down the digestive system, making bowel movements more painful. Just to add to your knowledge, any build-up of salt in the blood can cause bloating, which may make swollen hemorrhoids worse and more sensitive.  So the foods with high content of salt could prove to the category of foods that aggravate hemorrhoids.

Cutting on salt and preferring low salt foods though should make a habit of but to cure you hemorrhoids, you need this complete road map to cure hemorrhoids.  

10.Iron Supplements & Water containing more of Iron

You may be aware that Iron is a proven constipating element. And at all cost you don’t want constipation on top of hemorrhoid pain.  You might have also realized that easiness of passing stool does not remain the same when traveled from one place to another. This variation in easiness of passing stool persists even when you eat all the same food.

Shall you wonder if I say that the difference in passing of stool is because of different level of Iron concentrations in waters? In fact, water at some places have higher concentrations of Iron inside them as compared to other places. Water with higher concentration of Iron can flare up your hemorrhoid because of constipating properties.

So, if you are on iron supplements and have hemorrhoids also, check with Iron concentration and stop taking supplements. Additionally, treat the water to reduce iron content before consuming. The combo of Irony water and Iron supplement together can aggravate your hemorrhoids.

The precautions are just to alleviate your pains and troubles for a while. You need a proven strategy to cure your hemorrhoids.

11.Excess of Fiber- Can aggravate the problem

As a hemorrhoid sufferer, fiber should make an essential part of your food but excess can affect adversely. Excess intake of the fiber can worsen the conditions. Two prominent reasons you can figure out responsible foe adverse effects. One, extra fiber like those from raw fruit and veg rub against the swollen site of hemorrhoids harshly. And second because of their property to prompt you to defecate too frequently. In second scenario also the walls of rectum and swollen hemorrhoids face the brushing off.

Additionally, fiber is bulk-forming, which means that it creates bulk in your intestines. Contrary to the popular belief, fiber does not act like little brooms. It rather, builds larger stools, which then urges your intestines to pass the stool with extra strain on hemorrhoid site. So, in case of hemorrhoids, you do not want stool to be bulkier, which otherwise can make the problem worse. So, if not taken judiciously, the excess of fibers can prove to the foods that aggravate hemorrhoids.

You should apart from all the precautions, consider following a proven formula to cure hemorrhoids for the good.

12.Excess of Laxative- can lead worsen hemorrhoids

Laxatives are although good to smoothen your stool passing but excess of the same has an adverse effect. Loose stools often have high acid content and frequent passing of loose stools can enrage hemorrhoid flare ups.

Additionally, Laxatives are diuretic, prompting more fluids to leave your body. After a while, your body becomes dehydrated, which would lead to constipation. Hence taking laxatives for extended periods can actually harm your hemorrhoids conditions.

Having said that, you need a time tested proven formula on curing hemorrhoids, if getting rid of hemorrhoids comes tops your priorities.

Worth Check for You:

10+ Foods That Help Hemorrhoids Getting Cured

The foods that help hemorrhoids keeping away is vital part of curing hemorrhoids. In fact, the foods have very important roles in improving conditions of hemorrhoids. Or making the condition worsened if taken wrongly.Foods Helpful for hemorrhoids

So first thing first, what are the foods that help hemorrhoids in treating them.  We have a comprehensive write up on the the foods,  exercise, precautions etc that help hemorrhoids. But on this post we will exclusively examine the foods which really help getting rid of hemorrhoids.

However, before we enlist any chart of foods that are good to great for treating hemorrhoids, lets understand what does promote hemorrhoid.  What this disease is all about. What are the symptoms and the things that concerns hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are the ailing condition of Ano-rectal part of your body. This part plays vital in holding your stool back inside as well as passing out of the same. When the ano-rectal part is inflammed by hardened stool or constipation, passing of the stool becomes pretty troublesome. Many reasons can trigger this problem and choosing proper foods can help the hemorrhoids in getting cured.

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Relation of Foods with ailment of Hemorrhoids

“You are what you eat” is the most heard punchlines from your mother and grandma since early childhood. The punchline would be also applicable in the context of hemorrhoid conditions to the extent that eating not right can be very very detriment to healing.

Whereas, constipation causing foods can enrage the hemorrhoid conditions, the hydrating, fiber filled foods would go a long way in curing. However, we would limit the post in knowing about the good foods for hemorrhoids.

So, lets understand how the food plays vital in relieving from the hemorrhoids or worsening the problem.

See how other measures together with the foods that help hemorrhoids cured!

Characteristics of Foods that help hemorrhoids keep away

The food without fibers or less of fibers have tendency to stick against the walls of colons and they cause constipation. This is the condition when you cannot pass the stool easily. And you have to exert pressure on the rectum. The pressure exerted  from your end gets the wall more inflammed and situation just worsens.

Contrary to this, the foods high in fibre have tendency to soak and hold more of water. In the process they make the stool loose. The end result is that, it becomes easier for you to pass the stool.

Apart from this, the hydrating foods also make your stool loose and promotes healing. So, going for foods that contain lot of water is a great way.

The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans  recommends that for every 1000 calories of food intake, a 14 gm of fibre must form the apart of that. Meaning that if your intake of foods is of 2000 calorie you should incorporate 28 grams of fibre in the total quantity of food.

So, you would prefer eating the foods more in fiber and water. And prefer less of foods that are sticky or which cause constipation. Foods such as Raw vegetables, fruits, cucumber etc are all fine. On the other hand cut on, having cheese, chips,fast food, ice cream, meat, prepared foods. Other foods such as frozen and snack foods, processed foods,  hot dogs and ready to serve foods harm your healing.

List of Foods That Help Hemorrhoids Getting Improved

List of foods that help hemorrhoids either in containing them or make healing faster could be pretty big. Although, it is quite difficult to name all of them here, few important are here:

1. Beans, Lentils, Legumes and Nuts

 1/2 cup of beans for instance: kidney, navy, lima, or black beans can offer you about a third of your daily goal of fibre. Add 20 almonds also in your diet, this apart from savouring taste would provide few gms of fibre.

2. Whole Grains and Foods made of 

 Whole-grain flours, buckwheat, stone-ground cornmeal, or rye offer enough of insoluble fiber.  Cooked oats and barley will give you soluble fiber. Both kinds of fiber you need.

3. Fruits and Vegetables

 Fruit and Vegetables could be the best bet for your hemorrhoids. Try eating apples, pears, plums, and potatoes with skins. Good source of insoluble fibres. The coloured Ones like berries, grapes, tomatoes, and kale and other dark, leafy greens even better. They offer you flavonoids also apart from Insoluble fibres. Flavonoids are great for healing.

4. Watery Foods

Watery options such as Cucumbers, celery, mild bell peppers, and watermelon are great in healing the hemorrhoids. The idea behind this is that they keep you hydrated. It is seen that dehydrating foods are detriment to your hemorrhoid conditions

5. Fruit Chunks and Salads

Swaping baked snacks with dried fruits like figs, apricots, and dates is the way to go. These are some of the foods that help hemorrhoids conditions ameliorate.

Also, consider swaping the processed foods with apple chunks, banana and berries are yet another great options of foods that help hemorrhoids in healing.

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6. Air-Popped Popcorn

Popcorn could be a great meal substitute and a helpful snacks for hemorrhoid conditions. Given the fact, that it is fiber filled, low calorie and offers feeling of fullness. Popcorn is a whole grain having fiber which loosens your stool and prevents you from being constipated.

Only catch is that popcorn with salt and butter can be a recipe of harm instead help. Hence, going for the popcorn which is popped in air without use of butter and salt could be one of the foods that help hemorrhoids to heal up.

7. Popular Health Broccoli Salads

As you may be aware that Broccoli is a super food that has many essential nutrients in it. But because it is full of fiber with antioxidants with healing properties, makes up the foods that help hemorrhoids. Better you should have raw broccoli but if you can not steam boil it. A little bit of salt and olive oil can make the salads pretty tasty to eat.

 8. Salads made of Spinach and Other Greens

A  mix of Greens such as spinach, Brussels sprouts and broccoli can make up the foods that help hemorrhoids healing along with being tasty to eat. These greens help add bulk and weight to stools, which makes them easier to pass through the gut. This eliminates the chances of leaving you constipated.

So, have this mix salad which is rich in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K and folate and get help in hemorrhoids healing.

9. Jerusalem Artichoke and Chicory

Jerusalem artichoke and chicory are good sources of a soluble fiber known as inulin. Researches show that inulin increases stool frequency and lowers down gut transit time.  Also it has a bit of bulking effect by increasing the bacterial mass in the stool. The properties are proven good to prevent constipation.

Not only that, Inulin is also prebiotic properties which helps growth of bacteria in the gut. This property promotes digestive health with overall good effect towards healing hemorrhoids.

 10. Foods Using Flaxseeds

You may not be aware that flaxseeds are traditional remedy for constipation since ages. Only because they natural laxative effects. They are rich in both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. This makes flaxseeds an ideal digestive aid which prevents you getting constipated.

Hence, you can consider making foods and snacks using flaxseeds as one of the ingredient. The home made recipe would make up the foods that help hemorrhoids to heal.

Are you looking for a proven tips to cure hemorrhoids for ever?

11. Radish Juice

Yes, less spoken but very effective in curing your hemorrhoids, the radish juice is of great help.

It is my personal experiences with radish juice which made me love this as foods that help hemorrhoids in getting cured. The only after effect of the juice is that it can cause a bad breath. But if you can manage it with some mouth freshener, the juice can really create wonders.

Wash the radish well and make juice of radish in a juicer. Chopping the radish in pieces will help you preparing the juice faster. Have a glass of juice in the morning everyday preferably empty stomach. If you can continue taking it for over a couple of weeks the effect will be pretty much obvious.

Foods That Help Hemorrhoids Cure are Only a Part of The Whole Game

Yes, foods are only part of entire approach to cure your hemorrhoids. They are vital but can not substitute the role of other measures. If you want to get rid of hemorrhoids for the good, you would want to have strategic and comprehensive methodology in place.

Fortunately, we have a health guide of proven tips and ideas to help you out. This health guide comes from a renowned health expert  and has cured thousands of hemorrhoid sufferers.

Additionally, hemorrhoids can be mild to severe and if not cured in time, can land you in trouble. Most often than not, you get advice of surgeries by the doctors, although not necessary.  Are you the one, looking for curing hemorrhoids without pains and after effects of surgery?  Go through this proven methods for hemorrhoids to help you out.

Conclusive Note on: The foods that help hemorrhoids in curing

Proper Foods although play very vital in treating hemorrhoids, you need a tested formula to cure hemorrhoids fully. Make sure to go through this health guide from a health expert who has been a big time sufferer but manged cure herself.

Most Relevant Read for you: 30+ Foods to avoid in hemorrhoids!

Hemorrhoid No More- Does It Really Work?

Buy Hemorrhoid No MoreDoes Hemorrhoid No More really work? Is the health remedy guide Hemorrhoid No More by Jessica Wright a scam? How can I cure hemorrhoids by minimal to no invasive techniques ? What are the alternative ways to treat hemorrhoids? Is there way out to cure hemorrhoid for good. If you have landed on to this page by enquiring these of your curiosities, hopefully you are at correct place. Read on the unbiased review of Hemorrhoid No More by a real user.

What this Hemorrhoid No More eBook is Intended For

The comprehensive remedy guide Hemorrhoid No More by Jessica Wright is aims at alleviate the pain of following ailment:

    • Internal Hemorrhoids
    • External Hemorrhoids
    • Grade 1 Hemorrhoids  to  Grade 4 Hemorrhoids
    • Fissures, leaking blood
    • Chronic Hemorrhoids(Years or Even Decades)
    • Thrombosed Hemorrhoids which Repeatedly Come out
    • Large Hemorrhoids hanging out as slumps
    • Hemorrhoids After Pregnancy in Women
    • Young Children With Hemorrhoids

Cases of Relief from Hemorrhoid No More

If you have been through some of these enlisted conditions, Hemorrhoid No More could be a handy guide :

If  you >>>

    • Feel uncomfortable and experience pain when you sit, walk or go to washroom.
    • Experience bleeding during Bowel Movements.
    • Have hemorrhoids overhanging from the anus.
    • Are suffering from internal hemorrhoids.
    • Suffer from itching, swelling or lumps in around the anus .
    • Have been suffering from from chronic Hemorrhoids for many years, even decades.
    • Have tried increasing your fiber and water intake without results.
    • As a women suffer from Hemorrhoids after pregnancy.
    • Have been advised  surgery by doctor but you are scared of Pains and potential risks involved.
    • Are on to decreasing food intake to avoid painful bowel movements
    • Been victim of chronic constipation for long?
    • Got sick and tired of spending money on drugs and prescriptions which do not seem to work for you.
    • Have tried Cryotherapy -gels, suppositories, drugs and creams with no desired results.
    • Are almost confused to the extent that which medicine, which treatment is going to work for you.Hemorrhoid No More for You

What You Can Expect From this Post

This Blog page is dedicated to put forth an unbiased handy review of health guide  book ‘Hemorrhoid No More’. My personal take is that across the entire webspace the e book ‘Hemorrhoid No More’ is a prolific collection of tested, tried and easy to follow ideas. Tips and techniques for treating hemorrhoids could never be explained in any better than Hemorrhoid No More.

How can I make so big a claim? Because, I have personally purchased the book, applied the techniques and found it extremely helpful in treating my hemorrhoids. I had been suffering myself from chronic hemorrhoids for a long time. And had always feared of surgeries, pain and aftermath effects that follow post such invasive treatments. I had heard enough of the trauma and irreversible health changes that these surgeries bring along for you.

A Detailed Overview on Hemorrhoid No More

Buy Hemorrhoid No MoreThe book Hemorrhoid No More is a 172 page pdf book that has been divided into 4 Chapters. These all 4 chapters together cover a comprehensive perspective on the treatment of hemorrhoids.

One: Everything that You need to know about hemoorhoids

Two: Diagnosing and treating Your Hemorrhoids The Conventional Way

Three: Forty Eight Hours to Relief Chapter Three: Forty Eight Hours to Relief

Four: The Five Step Holistic plan to get rid of your Hemorrhoids for ever

Looks pretty simple ! Yeah it is, but real effective from the very core. The Book does not only target the symptoms but the root cause of the hemorrhoids. The first three Chapters of Hemorrhoid No More are just about diagnosing the exact nature of your problem and giving you fast relief. But, the last one is sum total of all the techniques that would fetch you permanent cure, if followed religiously like I did. My work to introduce to great book is over. If you are still want to dig deeper, keep reading on.

The approach adopted by the Author Jessica Wright, is an all round holistic one. Why  so because hemorrhoids for the most part has never been understood in correct way. The matter of fact is that you need a comprehensive approach to treat this ailment for good. While the conventional techniques target treating symptoms, the Hemorrhoid No More targets the root causes.

Yes, People fail to Understand Hemorrhoids Correctly

While a matter of embarrassment for many to talk freely on the issue, its very common to be affected with. You may not wonder that this problem is part of almost 40% of population by some measure. Less or more the people of modern day is inflicted with this problem. Fast life, fast food, irregular life- work routines etc. a number of causes can trigger this problem.

Exact reason and causes responsible for hemorrhoids have almost never been understood correctly by the masses. This is the case, despite the fact that out of every 5 persons almost 2 are affected by the problem. Researches show that the population of developed countries like USA have this problem to the worrying extent.

Understanding the reasons and causes is like winning half the battle

The ailment like Hemorrhoids is a message from your body that something is WRONG Inside. The Hemorrhoid No More is about paying attention to the message and responding befitting to the message.

Your body keeps sending you messages all the while. But most of the time, you ignore them by taking them too lightly. The pain down there and spate of bloods, swelling etc are kind of warning messages for hemorrhoids. What you do in these instances is that, you shut your body’s alarm system by taking medicines. You generally neglect the root causes behind, get some medicines and move ahead.

Curing the hemorrhoids is a different ball game though. Shutting your body alarm is not the way to go about. The permanent way to cure hemorrhoids in fact, involves diagnosing your condition and hammering out on what is triggering the condition.

Hemorrhoids can be triggered by multiple reasons. So if you want to cure the same, you need to tackle all those reasons. Calming the pain or stopping the bleeding temporarily by medicine is only fooling yourself. Diagnosing your condition correctly and figuring out the exact reasons would only help you out. The e-book Hemorrhoid No More by Jessica is about the same narrative of dealing with hemorrhoids.

Why Normally You go For Anything Readily Available ?

In many of the communities, discussing a problem related to anus or ano-rectal is kind of taboo thing. You feel embarrassing discussing the problem of hemorrhoids. The result is that under stress you go for any measure that is readily available to you.

But remember, over the counter medicines are only temporary solutions. And in most of the cases they require to be taken for life. The Reason: they target only the symptoms. They do not hammer out the root causes. This only causes the problem to worsen and finally leading to surgeries and their post effects. Operating out hemorrhoids involves months long pain, mental agony and heavy expenses. And what happens at the end of day? Potential chances of recurrence are still there. My M.S although very expert and having long expertise of dealing with hemorrhoids told me that he cannot guarantee for a lifetime cure.

The instant health guide Hemorrhoid No More by Jessica Wright has proven to be saviour for many under frustration and agony. The techniques enumerated are not only easy to practice, they are also safe, effective, mostly natural and provide for permanent solutions to your hemorrhoids. Thousands of people around the globe have got healing benefit from the holistic approach adopted by Jessica Wright in her book Hemorrhoid No More.

About Jessica Wright: The Author of Hemorrhoid No More

Jessica WrightHemorrhoid No More is not a theoretical book by any measure of your imagination.

Jessica Wright has herself been a chronic sufferer of hemorrhoids. Like every one else would do, she also went for over the counter medicines but only to discover utter disappointments. Her agony with the problem prompted her to research the issue in details, root causes apart from the symptoms and she was able to finally encapsulate the entire research and experimentation into an e book.

Today Jessica is a health consultant with many praises to her credit. She is Nutrition Specialist, Health Consultant, Medical Researcher and Author also. This book Hemorrhoid No More by Jessica is a result of 12 years of her research and experimentation.

According to Jessica herself: “The Hemorrhoid No More is a sure-fire, 100% guaranteed, clinically researched system that is backed by 45,000+ hours of nutritional expertise for treating hemorrhoids for good. This is a very rare, highly unique and potently powerful hemorrhoids healing system, which very few people even know exists.”

Pros of Hemorrhoid No More

    • The ideas within Hemorrhoid No More provide dramatic relief In 48 Hours! It then goes on to Fix the Root Cause of Hemorrhoids In 30-60 Days.
    • The E-Book Hemorrhoid No More is instantly downloadable. So you don’t have to wait for days to get your hands on techniques.
    • This can save you from painful surgeries. In the vast majority of cases, surgeries are  completely unnecessary and can often lead to irreversible results.
    • Hemorrhoid No More can save you from after effects of OTC hemorrhoids prescriptions.
    • The ideas of Hemorrhoid No More eliminate your hemorrhoids, end the pain and embarrassment safely and permanently without any side effects of drugs, creams or the risks of surgery.
    • When followed, ideas of Hemorrhoid No More enhance digestive and intestinal health and improve heart function.
    • The techniques helps you Lose Excessive Weight, Look Younger and Feel Healthier.
    • Ideas of Hemorrhoid No More are customizable for all kinds of Unique Conditions.
    • Hemorrhoid No More is an e book By a Real Hemorrhoids Sufferer.
    • This is based on a personal perspective, research and experience and information are free from technical jargon.
    • Techniques inside Hemorrhoid No More are Practical. You dont have to make unreasonable commitments to outrageous and absurd regimes or schedules.
    • The Hemorrhoid No More e book is on continuous update through research, testing and experimentation.
    • The health guide Hemorrhoid No More offers Exclusive Personal One-On-One Counseling.

Cons of Hemorrhoid No More

    • The Guide Book being comprehensive may seem to be overwhelming at the first sight.
    • You have to follow the techniques inside Hemorrhoid No More religiously. Results may vary if you do not follow.
    • Because the Hemorrhoid No More e book aims at Permanent Cure, The permanent cure certainly involves more time than claimed.
    • No part of contents inside Hemorrhoid No More are available for free. Its a paid service.

What the Users of Hemorrhoid No More Have to Say

As per the claims of the author Jessica Wright around 15o,000 Men and women across the globe have got substantial relief from Hemorrhoid No More.

I am myself a big time beneficiary of Hemorrhoid No More.

Just have a look on what other people have to say

Another User

What Customers Say about Hemorrhoid No More

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Beneficiary of Hemorrhoid No More

Conclusion: If the Hemorrhoid No More is a Scam ?

Nope.. Note for sure! Hemorrhoid No More by Jessica Wright is not a scam by no measure. Its a boon for frustrated lot facing the agony of silent pain mounted by hemorrhoids

If you are willing to follow the instructions laid out inside Hemorrhoid No More pdf, this can prove a miracle for you too. Commit to the guidelines religiously and see the result yourself.

Anything and everything posted here are my personal experiences and need not be the same for others. The major reason for this of course, is how exactly you apply the methods and techniques mentioned inside the book “Hemorrhoid No More”

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